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Facilities Managers-Do you want a 'WOW' or a 'WOAH'. small

What do your washrooms say about you?

You could say, ‘I don’t care about my washrooms, no one will notice, your only in them for a minute or two’. Well we're here to tell you that people do notice. Take it from us, we’ve researched this stuff!

In life you only have seconds to make a good first impression. Not just as an individual but with our buildings, receptions, washrooms or products. We all know the saying judge a restaurant by it's washrooms. It’s true.

Have you ever had a supplier or client pop in for a coffee and chat about a recent proposal... Then suddenly ‘Can I use your toilet?’. Of course, it happens all the time, clients need to use your toilets- regardless of what state they’re in.

It’s up to you to decide whether you get a ‘WOW!', or a 'WHOA!'

Have you ever visited someone’s washrooms, been disgusted, and then told your friends about it later? I know I’ve done it! So have other people I’ve been with. A restaurant is a favourite for this. You take a break from your meal, visit the washrooms, come back to the table and then start a conversation about the state you find some washrooms. Sometimes it just becomes the norm to find a grubby, messy and smelly washroom.  This shouldn’t be happening. We shouldn’t expect grime, it’s a crime. Visiting a washroom shouldn’t be a health hazard, ever.

Its only when you spend a penny in a really great washroom that makes you think- WOW why can’t everywhere be like this? Well it can be, it’s really not hard.
At Woosh we are going to make 2016 the year of the #Wooshroom-revo-LOO-tion.

So what really makes a great washroom:

This a is Woosh list of basic requirements. (but we could do a lot more)

Well stocked toilet roll. C’mon guys this is a basic requirement (in our eyes it’s a law!).

A working flush. Sounds stupid but majority of large washrooms have only 85% of their flushes working. Can you imagine the smell! We can, and it’s not a good one.

A lock, preferably working! No one likes to pee in an unlocked stall- it’s not nice or necessary. Again, it’s a basic requirement. No one will use or want to use your cubicles unless they have a working lock.

For ladies- a sanitary bin. Not just any sanitary bin- a regularly emptied, cleaned and well serviced bin that smells fresh as a daisy. Which is our speciality, by the way.

Toilet seat sanitiser. Now, not everyone views this as a necessity but here at Woosh we believe it should be. Even if you have super super good cleaners that clean every half an hour. It only takes one person to use the toilet 5 minutes after a cleaner has been round, and boom. Someone can come in a think the seat doesn’t look safe for use, we’ve all been there. Introducing… Woosh Seat San- grab some toilet roll, squirt on some san, wipe, be seated my friends.

Air fresheners. You can clean your bogs till the cows come home, but at the end of the day- a toilet is a toilet. They can really pong and luckily we know how to solve this. Air fresheners? Non-aerosol, eco and health friendly (suitable for you guys who suffer with asthma and allergies). No problem - we’ll fix you up. Air sanitisers? Also not a problem! 99.9% bacteria free air. You can breathe easy, we have it covered. Contact a Wooshologist to find out our newest innovation on air purifying- it’s great!

Soap- filled, cleaned and with a working pump- it’s a must have. One at every basin to please, it’s only right and proper. Ever done the sideways scoot to the soap dispenser on your right? Accidentally shoulder slamming into someone as you lean in to swipe their soap. Sound familiar? If soaps are filled and working and at every basin this doesn’t happen.

Hand towels? hand dryers?- Just something to dry my hands on, please! No one likes to wipe their hands on their clothing or open the door with dripping hands. Drying your hands is key to getting rid of contamination on the surface of your skin, in other words, keeping you healthy.

Hand sanitiser. Another Woosh must have. If the soap is empty and the hand towels have run out, your lucks still in. A large dollop of hand sanitiser can get rid of 99.9% of the germs clinging to your hands. Job done!

So make a statement about your company, your values, your attention to the little things and upgrade your washrooms today. By simply getting on the blower and speaking with a Wooshologist and we’ll fix you up with a fine set of washroom facilities. You’ll have washrooms fully stocked, smelling like a summer meadow and sending out all the right messages to staff, clients and suppliers-the message that you care.

Come on and join us on twitter @wooshwashrooms with the hashtag #wooshroom_revo_LOO_tion... tweet us pictures of disgraceful washrooms you think need an upgrade from a grime scene to a clean gleam- we'll try and get in contact with them and offer our Woosh-ed service! Tweet us your stories, your washroom pet hates, worst nightmares and the best washroom you've ever been into.

Let's change the way the UK views toilets and washrooms…let's revo-LOO-tionise washrooms...why can't every washroom be suitable for The Queen herself? Let's do this!

We want the in's and out's of what you see out and about...the good the bad and the ugly. Get in touch... HERE!