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Pumpkins Part 2 At Woosh we like to be kind to everyone… and everything, including pumpkins!

With an estimated 5 million of these babies being brought in the lead up to Halloween- we predict a lot of wasted pumpkins after the thrill of Halloween is over.

Some clever people have figured out that one in five properties purchases a pumpkin (or two) for the annual event- and each carved pumpkin weights around 5kgs! If everyone chucks there pumpkin into the trash- we have a lot of landfill (approximately 18,000 tonnes) on our hands, not literally- thankfully.

Here are some quick tips to making sure no pumpkin of yours gets wasted:

• Do you have a compost heap? If so, great! Pumpkins make a brilliant addition to any compost heap. If not- either give your pumpkin to a friend who has a compost heap or…read on.

• If your council offers a food waste caddy then you’re laughing. Remove any candles and tea-lights before chopping up your pumpkin (yes after all your hard work carving them with the kids!) and popping it into the caddy ready for collection- simple.

• Calling all nature lovers: your jack-o-lantern can be used as a snack-o-lantern for wildlife! Yes really. Take the top off your lantern and fill with goodies for the birds, (dried pumpkin seeds can be used here) as well as shop brought bird food. You can either place your snack-o-lantern on a bird table or hang it from a tree. See how here.

• You can also scoop out the filling and use it as a face mask! Pumpkin helps heal and protect the skin whilst gently dissolving dead skin cells. There are thousands of recipes online, click here to find out how to make the perfect face mask.

• Fancy eating your scary looking pumpkin? Here are some delicious and very autumnal recipes.

So…before you hurl your sagging (and most likely smelly) pumpkin into the bin…think, these are heavy and take up space in landfill. Do your bit and recycle your pumpkins!

Written By Ashlyn-Jane