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Toilet Seat Habits That Stink

There’s nothing worse than other people’s toilet habits. While these nasty habits might not cause too much of an issue if you live alone, when you share facilities with upwards of a hundred people per floor, it can cause problems.

Whether you’re a line-the-seat-with-toilet-paper person or hover-uncomfortably-a-above kind of person, a good dousing of surface sanitiser would be a welcome thing. What could be easier than liberally applying some sanitiser and wiping the seat clean? Bingo, the seat will be so clean you can even sit on it. Well fancy that...

That’s why we supply our trusty surface sanitiser! Gone are the days of toilet seat covers, they never stayed on like they should anyway. That’s right, we understand the problems you face and want to help.


Help Is At Hand

Washrooms, toilets, and bad habits... We won’t go into too much detail, but many of you would rather hop around all day ignoring natures calling than step foot inside a workplace or public washroom . However, by working with Woosh Washrooms you could change all this and turn your washrooms into little pads of luxury.

WARNING: likely to give you the serious heeby geebies. Just one gram of human faeces can contain 10,000,000 viruses, 1,000,000 types of bacteria, 1,000 parasite cysts and 100 parasite eggs. We bet you didn’t realise that by using an un-sanitised toilet seat that you were sharing your porcelain throne with so many little critters (and the toilet seat is only meant for one). So you know what we are going to recommend, don’t you...a Woosh Washrooms toilet seat sanitiser. Guaranteed to Woosh those little nasties into oblivion.

The sanitiser is designed to be situated next to the toilet roll dispenser. Users can squirt some onto the paper and give the seat a quick wipe. It will reduce the risk of contamination, help minimise sick days and improve visitor, employee and client confidence in your washroom. Here at Woosh Washrooms, we’re so dedicated to washroom hygiene that our surface sanitiser can also be used on the flush or door handle – reducing the spread of those pesky germs even further.

Don’t forget that we also have other toilet accessories, such as urinal sanitisers and hand sanitisers for your washroom – you can never be too clean.

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