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Smell the Freshness

Such is the importance of keeping your washrooms to the highest standards, that good manners and health and safety demands that you keep the washrooms smelling like a spa at all times. If a visitor, member of staff or more importantly a client visits the washroom in your business they deserve to be met by a restroom as fresh and crisp as the mountain air.

Woosh Washrooms Auto Air Fresheners can help you do this. At Woosh Washrooms we think first impressions are important and in case you are in any doubt as to the importance of air fresheners in keeping your washrooms:

> smelling like a rose,

> avert from embarrassing pongs

> improving the mood of your employees

> and making your workplace a more pleasant environment to work

…Then read on.


At the right place, at the right time

A strategically placed air freshener or Auto-Air Freshener (sounds a little bit grander) positioned at the bathroom door can give a fantastic first impression to any lady or gentleman using the washroom.  If they are hit by a foul whiff that makes their hair curl and their eyes water, then please believe us when we say that this is not good for them, for you, for the company or worldwide peace and happiness. We're serious.

At Woosh we now offer a snazzier alternative to the canister air freshener! This is an eco-friendly, non-aerosol air freshener, which doesn't produce any harmful emissions. They are powered by oxygen and slowly release the scent into the room, no sudden puffs or sprays in a passer-by's face! Below you can see the reasoning behind us loving these oxygen powered air fresheners!

air freshener comparison

We won’t go into too much detail but, we will be frank. Unpleasant odours are produced in washrooms on a regular basis and the resulting whiffy haze can hang around like a London pea-souper, I think you get the gist?

So a Woosh Washroom Auto Air freshener service is what is called for. You simply pay a fixed fee for the year and Woosh will ensure that you have an air freshener fitted, maintained, all the fragrance canisters you need for 12 months, plus 13 service calls a year…oh and a beautifully fragrant washroom that makes everybody happy.

Why happy? Might you ask? Washroom air fresheners put people in a good mood. When people visit the bathroom, you want them to come out feeling as though they have been temporarily whisked away by an alpine breeze. Nothing can enhance the mood of an employee or important visitor more than having their sense of smell tickled pink by a Woosh Washroom Air Freshener. In short the air freshener is one of the most basic necessities in the modern office or public loo. Don’t be caught short without one, as not having one can spell disaster for your business in so many ways that it hardly bears thinking about let alone talking or writing about, so we won’t.

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