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Entrance Mats

If you want to keep your building dirt free, get an entrance mat from Woosh.

This may sound like a strange request but we think you need our Woosh Entrance Mat Service. We ensure that our mats are removed regularly and replaced with a new sparklingly clean Woosh Mat. By the time you finish reading this section on Entrance matting you will be utterly convinced as to the virtues of seemingly humble floor mats, in fact so much so that you will carry one with you just in case your mates don’t have one……OK- maybe a bit extreme, you get the idea.

Here at Woosh Washrooms, we are faithful fans of the entrance mat because:

• They stop people bringing in mud, water and germs into the building. Better still they can remove up to 80% of dirt and water from people's shoes. How does this help you? Cuts down cleaning cost. Simple.

• First impressions count. We all know that. A reception area is the main entrance for visitor and clients, it's where all the meeting and greeting is done. So an entrance mat is one of the first things someone will see when they enter your building. By having a perfectly laundered entrance mat, as clean as a whistle, gives the impression you have rolled out the red carpet for them. And yes, you can have your mat in red if you want, in fact, whatever colour tickles your fancy, just send us your brand colours, even your logo if you want and POW! An entrance fit for an awards ceremony.

• We know you’re serious about health and safety. So is Woosh. That’s why we recommend entrance mats. Giving people something to wipe their wet, snowy or muddy shoes on can help prevent slipping or tripping. So by saving lives and limbs you can save yourself from litigation and I bet you’ve never even thought your entrance mat would turn you into a super hero.

• Entrance mats prolong the life of your flooring. Which is a real bonus as the cost of a mat is a fraction the cost of a brand new reception or canteen area floor. So, you can wave goodbye to that horribly worn spot that you come to notice over time.

• Woosh can also provide rubber mats and anti-fatigue mats for the high traffic areas and work stations where your employees have to stand for a long periods of time. Job done!


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