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People will avoid certain brands like a bad smell… Don’t let yours be one of them.

No one wants to walk into a washroom that is unclean or missing essential consumables like soap and toilet paper; less still do visitors want to discover an unpleasant smell. Yet malodours are typically the first thing that are noticed by visitors when entering a washroom, setting the course for the remainder of a person’s visit.

We now know that visitors will use the state of a company’s washroom as a benchmark for a business, regarding those with poorly maintained assets and facilities as far less favourable to work with or buy from. Air quality is just one of a number of factors that has an influence on this vital first impression. In many ways, the entire washroom experience stands and falls with the quality of air care, making it one of the most critical features of washroom management, particularly for companies that take their visitors’ perception and overall reputation seriously.  

But why is smell such a big factor?
One answer to this question lies in the world of neuroscience. As an article in Psychology Today points out, the hippocampus, a region of the brain that regulates emotions, is now known as the site in which time-and-place ‘smell memories’ are encoded. This encoding process leaves individuals associating smells with a powerful ‘spatiotemporal’ moment which can be triggered when the individual again encounters an odour in similar or even completely different environments.

This process and the memories that are created are understood to be very difficult to alter or erase, making the washroom air quality challenge all the more important for businesses concerned with setting the right tone. The issue only takes on greater significance when factoring in the huge amount of research that suggests the lopsided power that bad memories have over good ones. In other words, if a visitor has had a bad washroom experience, particularly due to malodour, they are more likely to remember that time more vividly than other more positive occasions.

So how can you assure a positive experience?
And what are the pros and cons of the options available to businesses? Not all air fresheners were created equal and some are better suited to certain cases than others. Let’s take a look at them.   

First up is the aerosol auto-dispenser.
This is found across all different types of washrooms, particularly public loos as they are the most cost-effective way to eliminate bad smells. While these are definitely the most budget-friendly solution, the freshening smell that they dispense will disappear far quicker than other options on the market. They also have a higher impact on the environment. As such, aerosols are likely not the best option for businesses that bring lots of important clients into their offices, or for those that have green aspirations.

Secondly, you have reed diffusers.
These are now a staple in many homes but are increasingly being seen in the washroom environment. Reed diffusers are excellent at sustaining a fragrance, offering all manner of sophisticated smells that are not only easy on the eyes and nose but also friendly to the environment. The downside is their cost due to the heavy use of expensive essential oils and the need to buy multiples for larger washrooms. Businesses should also watch out for kit-style diffuser packs which will likely contain synthetic fragrances that are home to all manner of unsafe chemicals. Diffusers are excellent for executive-level offices and design-conscious companies that want to impress visitors no matter the cost.

Finally, you have cold air diffusers.
These are the most sophisticated option available to businesses yet also the most expensive. Much like reed diffusers, cold air diffusers are now becoming a staple of the modern home but are also being seen in greater numbers throughout the office and washroom environment. Nebulisers will atomise the essential oils that are most often added with water. This mixture is then propelled out of the unit, releasing whatever fragrance or essential oil has been chosen. Some of these products can be noisy, though many are designed to operate as quietly as possible. For Woosh these are a real winner, typically getting the best feedback from customers and visitors to our clients’ washrooms.  

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Carpets for the environmentally conscious office…

Landlords looking to up the value of their commercial properties should pay close attention to the green factor when choosing an eco-friendly carpet for their offices.

‘Eco-friendly’ is on everyone’s lips these days. Fierce competition among designers and manufacturers has placed carpet design in the forefront of sustainable flooring innovations. Whether it be area rugs, wall-to-wall installations or fully customizable carpet tiles, carpet manufacturers in the UK are putting an emphasis on recycling and natural materials with limited environmental impact, and the beneficiaries of this green endeavor don’t stop at the planet.

Landlords and property agents looking to up the value of their commercial properties and attract carbon-conscious tenants should pay close attention to the green factor when choosing a carpet for their offices.


What to look for in an eco-friendly carpet?


The most environmentally friendly carpets are made from natural, renewable fibres; this includes organic wool and cotton, jute, bamboo, sisal, seagrass and coir. That being said, looking at the ‘made of’ list doesn’t guarantee a 100% eco-friendly carpet. Indeed, some carpets have been treated with insect and flame repellents that will cause some of the worst (dangerously invisible) off-gassings.

These off-gassings usually come from the carpet backing, so be sure to look for backings that have been sewn or glued using non-toxic adhesives low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs.) Some of the best carpet backings or pads are made from non-synthetic latex, camel hair felt, or untreated wool. A CRI Indoor Air Quality label is what you want.

Tessera loop pile carpet, Forbo

If your carpet isn’t made from sustainable materials, it can still be eco-friendly if it is recycled. Some are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles – you’ll find them under the name of PET carpets, or P.E.T carpets  (polyethylene terephthalate.) Some advantages to PET fibres include stain and abrasion resistance and low moisture absorption. Other rugs are made by recycling old, used carpets, provided they are in suitable condition to be recycled.


Who manufactures eco-friendly carpets?


In 1994, Interface started the first carpet tile recycling initiative. Known as ReEntry, the program now involves separating the carpet from its backing and recycling more product into new Nylon fibre. Interface is also on a ‘Mission Zero’ to completely eliminate the company’s environmental impact by 2020.

On-line, off-line carpet collection, Interface


Desso’s innovative Take Back™ programme ensures that worn-out carpet tiles are recycled into new carpet products. Defying the cradle to grave model, Desso’s ambitious initiative follows the Cradle to Cradle® approach pioneered by Professor Michael Braungart and architect William McDonough.

In addition to its carpet manufacturing, Desso is committed to reducing its CO2 emissions by increasing its use of green electricity and covering its roof by 25,000 m2 of solar panels.

Take Back™ programme, Desso


Specialised in minimising waste during its manufacturing process, Milliken focuses on the use of recycled materials in lieu of petroleum and other oil-based components. Milliken’s eco-friendly carpet uses an ECONYL® nylon yarn made from equal parts post-industrial and post-consumer recycled fibres. In addition, the company uses 90% recycled polyurethane for its Comfort Plus® range of lightweight, carpet tile backing.

Arctic Survey commercial carpet, Milliken


Forbo recycles old carpet, fishing nets and plastic bottles to manufacture innovative eco-friendly carpets such as the Coral entrance flooring collection. Forbo’s Tessera tiles contain over 58% recycled content by weight, while their Westbond tiles have a minimum of 70% recycled content in their backing. Forbo’s carpets are also easy to clean thanks to a system called Dry Fusion which requires less water and fewer chemicals to perform.


Coral entrance flooring, Forbo

Recycling is one of several other factors to take into consideration when choosing the right flooring for your office. An invaluable tool in the landlord’s toolbox, office flooring is an important decision.

Written by Elissaveta Marinova of Re-public.
Source: Re-public Space Ltd.

Product Focus: Air Freshener

Product Focus

Smell the Freshness

Such is the importance of keeping your washrooms to the highest standards, that good manners and health and safety demands that you keep the washrooms smelling like a spa at all times. If a visitor, member of staff or more importantly a client visits the washroom in your business they deserve to be met by a restroom as fresh and crisp as the mountain air.

Woosh Washrooms Auto Air Fresheners can help you do this. At Woosh Washrooms we think first impressions are important and in case you are in any doubt as to the importance of air fresheners in keeping your washrooms:

> smelling like a rose,

> avert from embarrassing pongs

> improving the mood of your employees

> and making your workplace a more pleasant environment to work

…Then read on.


At the right place, at the right time

A strategically placed air freshener or Auto-Air Freshener (sounds a little bit grander) positioned at the bathroom door can give a fantastic first impression to any lady or gentleman using the washroom.  If they are hit by a foul whiff that makes their hair curl and their eyes water, then please believe us when we say that this is not good for them, for you, for the company or worldwide peace and happiness. We’re serious.

At Woosh we now offer a snazzier alternative to the canister air freshener! This is an eco-friendly, non-aerosol air freshener, which doesn’t produce any harmful emissions. They are powered by oxygen and slowly release the scent into the room, no sudden puffs or sprays in a passer-by’s face! Below you can see the reasoning behind us loving these oxygen powered air fresheners!

air freshener comparison

We won’t go into too much detail but, we will be frank. Unpleasant odours are produced in washrooms on a regular basis and the resulting whiffy haze can hang around like a London pea-souper, I think you get the gist?

So a Woosh Washroom Auto Air freshener service is what is called for. You simply pay a fixed fee for the year and Woosh will ensure that you have an air freshener fitted, maintained, all the fragrance canisters you need for 12 months, plus 13 service calls a year…oh and a beautifully fragrant washroom that makes everybody happy.

Why happy? Might you ask? Washroom air fresheners put people in a good mood. When people visit the bathroom, you want them to come out feeling as though they have been temporarily whisked away by an alpine breeze. Nothing can enhance the mood of an employee or important visitor more than having their sense of smell tickled pink by a Woosh Washroom Air Freshener. In short the air freshener is one of the most basic necessities in the modern office or public loo. Don’t be caught short without one, as not having one can spell disaster for your business in so many ways that it hardly bears thinking about let alone talking or writing about, so we won’t.

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Product Focus: Magical Mats

Entrance Mats

If you want to keep your building dirt free, get an entrance mat from Woosh.

This may sound like a strange request but we think you need our Woosh Entrance Mat Service. We ensure that our mats are removed regularly and replaced with a new sparklingly clean Woosh Mat. By the time you finish reading this section on Entrance matting you will be utterly convinced as to the virtues of seemingly humble floor mats, in fact so much so that you will carry one with you just in case your mates don’t have one……OK- maybe a bit extreme, you get the idea.

Here at Woosh Washrooms, we are faithful fans of the entrance mat because:

• They stop people bringing in mud, water and germs into the building. Better still they can remove up to 80% of dirt and water from people’s shoes. How does this help you? Cuts down cleaning cost. Simple.

• First impressions count. We all know that. A reception area is the main entrance for visitor and clients, it’s where all the meeting and greeting is done. So an entrance mat is one of the first things someone will see when they enter your building. By having a perfectly laundered entrance mat, as clean as a whistle, gives the impression you have rolled out the red carpet for them. And yes, you can have your mat in red if you want, in fact, whatever colour tickles your fancy, just send us your brand colours, even your logo if you want and POW! An entrance fit for an awards ceremony.

• We know you’re serious about health and safety. So is Woosh. That’s why we recommend entrance mats. Giving people something to wipe their wet, snowy or muddy shoes on can help prevent slipping or tripping. So by saving lives and limbs you can save yourself from litigation and I bet you’ve never even thought your entrance mat would turn you into a super hero.

• Entrance mats prolong the life of your flooring. Which is a real bonus as the cost of a mat is a fraction the cost of a brand new reception or canteen area floor. So, you can wave goodbye to that horribly worn spot that you come to notice over time.

• Woosh can also provide rubber mats and anti-fatigue mats for the high traffic areas and work stations where your employees have to stand for a long periods of time. Job done!


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